Three Ways To Lower Your Home Energy Costs During Warmer Weather

8 March 2018
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Warmer weather is just around the corner, and for many, that means not having to fork out as much money to pay the utility bill. While keeping your home cool during warmer weather doesn't cost as much as heating it in the winter, there are certain things that can cause your energy bill to be higher than they need to be.   If you would like to spend the least amount of money possible on your energy bill, here are three ways to lower your home energy costs during warmer weather through home energy management tactics. Read More 

Baby Proofing Your House From Electrical Dangers

10 January 2018
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There are two main ways in which your toddler can hurt themselves with your electrical outlets; they can either stick things into empty slots or yank electrical cables out of occupied outlets. This means you have to think of both risks when baby proofing your outlets. Here are several ways of accomplishing both goals: Use Tamper Proof Outlets A good way to baby proof any outlet is to use tamper-proof outlets. Read More 

3 Budget Friendly Solutions To Add Solar Energy To Your Home

4 December 2017
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If you want to reduce your energy costs, then renewable energy is a great solution. Improvements like solar panels, water heaters and passive heating designs will help you save money on your utility bills. Here are some of the best and budget friendly solar energy solutions that you will want to consider for improvements to your home: 1. Solar Water Heaters for Water and Heating Your Home Solar water heaters are a great way to provide your home with efficient heating. Read More 

Why Doesn’t My Electrical Outlet Work Anymore?

28 February 2017
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There are many issues that can cause an electrical outlet to work either sporadically or not at all. There are many symptoms that you can analyze to determine your specific problem, and you should try to do so, even if you intend too replace the troublesome component. Symptoms and solutions for electrical outlet issues Sparking  If your outlet is improperly grounded, it may emit a spark and a crackling sound when a plug is inserted or withdrawn. Read More 

What’s the Deal with Short Cycling?

7 October 2016
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Short cycling is a surprisingly common issue in the HVAC world, and it's one that can get in the way of your cooling comfort. This issue can have a serious impact on your central A/C system's performance and energy efficiency. Learn what causes this problem, how it affects your A/C system, and what can be done to resolve it. How Short Cycling Affects Your A/C System Short cycling occurs when the air-conditioning system turns itself on and off several times in rapid succession. Read More